PresentationGraphicThere is an increase in the needs of businesses to maintain satellite offices in the New York City area, but many of these businesses don’t have the external  IT capabilities or manpower to manage them.  IT Computer Support of New York offers extensive services that enable you to have qualified and knowledgeable remote eyes and hands at your sites in New York, regardless of where your business headquarters is located.  Currently, businesses throughout the United States, Canada, the U.K.  Europe, Australia and Asia use our local New York City based engineers for their satellite office IT needs.

Remote support is a cost-effective way of staff augmentation that enables customers to create a scalable and rapidly deployable service to support their businesses. Our system engineers provide technical support, hardware installation and managed services that keep you informed of, and protected from, all of the day-to-day problems that can beset a business.  When urgent “hands-on” support is required, businesses no longer have to incur the expense of sending their IT specialist from their headquarters to a satellite office.  Also, the idea of hiring an IT support specialist for each office is a capital expense that many businesses just don’t have. Our eyes and hands service means that clients can connect remotely with us at any time and the physical on-site presence they require will be provided.

The eyes and hands service gives your business access to a number of vital services such as:

  • Configuration and system re-initialization.
  • Visual equipment checks.
  • Hardware installation.
  • Replacing or upgrading hardware and software.
  • Cable management.
  • 24/7 System monitors.

We can also schedule regular times for system maintenance and backups.

When choosing an eyes and hands partner, it is important to choose a provider with time-tested experience and reliability.  IT Computer Support of New York is dedicated to providing 24/7 support for clients and works hard to ensure that all of their needs are met.  Our support engineers have professional grade certifications from Dell, Microsoft, CISCO and SonicWall; just to name a few.  We monitor, manage and optimize the entire lifecycle of your business IT infrastructure to keep your company’s IT infrastructure aligned with your business strategy.

If your business is in need of eyes and hands or other outsourcing services, give us a call at 212-242-2949.