WindowsFlagA recent information leak reports that Microsoft is on course to drop its much maligned Windows 8 operating system sooner than anyone expected.  Tech blogger Paul Thurrott reported earlier this week that Microsoft will announce a new update, codenamed “Threshold”, at its Build conference in April.  Threshold will reportedly skip Windows 8.2 in favor of re-branding the product line as Windows 9 in an effort to distance itself from the negative press associated with Windows 8.

Windows 9 is expected to reintroduce the more classic Windows start menu.  For those unaware, Windows 8 attempted to push a new tablet-friendly interface on users known as Metro.  Metro was almost universally criticized, so much so that it was completely overhauled with the release of Windows 8.1. Despite the reintroduction of the classic menu, it does not appear that Microsoft is ready to abandon Metro just yet; instead it will offer the option to run Metro apps on the desktop alongside regular software.


Microsoft has a long and often jokingly referenced history of releasing every other major OS update in a poor state, only to be fixed with the next iteration. The announcement of Windows 9 so shortly after the release of Windows 8 parallels the similar history of Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Vista made many attempts to innovate over its predecessor but was harshly criticized for high system requirements and other shortcomings.  Windows 7 released shortly after and was less of a full upgrade and instead streamlined the experience with fixes to a few of the more glaring problems.

The launch of Windows 9 is expected to take place in April of 2015.  Not much else is known about what new features the OS will introduce but what is known is that all eyes will be fixed on Microsoft later this year.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Webmaster and Lead Designer