10_windows-128Microsoft has confirmed that they will be ending the Windows 10 free upgrade incentive program on July 29th, a little less than three months from now.  The incentive program is an effort by Microsoft to encourage early adopters and create a single, unified support platform for all future upgrades.  After July 29th, users will need to purchase the full version of Windows 10 for $119.

Windows 10 experienced a rocky start during its launch back in July of 2015.  Privacy advocates warned that Windows 10 had the ability to spy on user activities and put forth evidence of these capabilities from the User Agreement. While these allegations have mostly subsided, many users remain cautious.  Another point of contention was that Windows 10, once again, tried to push many of the design elements of Windows 8 in the form of changes to the Start Menu and inclusion of desktop apps.  Thankfully, customization rules the day and the majority of Windows 10 interface changes can be adjusted or turned off entirely. This allows the operating system to be returned to a Windows 7 like appearance if the user so chooses.

Regardless of any real or perceived issues, Windows 10 has had a very successful launch year and now in use on over 300 million devices.  This gives Windows 10 the fasted adoption rate of any operating system, probably in no small part to the free upgrade incentive.  That said, the adoption rate has slowed down significantly since last year.


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With diminishing returns, Microsoft has little reason to keep the upgrade program operational.  More importantly, the end of the program will placate their OEM partners (Dell, HP, etc.) who generate a large portion of their sales from hardware upgrades bundled with the latest operating systems.

If you are still interested in receiving the Windows 10 upgrade, you should act fast.  While it is possible that Microsoft will extend its offer, it doesn’t make good business sense for them to do so and should not be expected.  If your business needs advice on whether or not the upgrade is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and go over your options.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Webmaster and Lead Designer