DellLogoIT Computer Support of New York is one of only three partners in the United States certified in the Kace JumpStart program. But that begs the question, what is JumpStart and how can it benefit your business?

First, consider the Kace Managed Service platform.  Kace Managed Services provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable endpoint management system that is conveniently available as a Virtual or Physical appliance.  The Kace system is fully integrated with Dell computers, servers, storage and networking hardware and allows for easy and comprehensive licensure management.  In addition to license management, our KACE managed service solution delivers critical capabilities that aid your enterprise through streamlined administration and improved endpoint security. Improved endpoint security means you can identify, assess and lock down security vulnerabilities.

JumpStart takes the Kace platform and enables the fast integration of your hardware, software and security assets through access to certified IT professionals and training.  Typical software management solutions require extensive training that may entail expensive travel and demand that you be away from the office and daily responsibilities.  The JumpStart training program can be completed in just a few hours and is administered by our own certified ITCSNY technicians.  These sessions give you all the information you need to start saving time and money with Dell KACE appliances.

As part of training, the Kace JumpStart program includes:

  • Installation Assistance – Our technicians will walk you through the first time setup and configuration of your appliances.
  • System Optimization – Our technicians will help you launch your appliance and provide insight into its unique capabilities and how to optimize it for your environment.
  • Report Creation – The Kace training program will familiarize you with report creation and utilization.

JumpStart programs are conducted in two-hour sessions and are scheduled at your convenience.  You can choose to receive a basic operational overview or an in-depth review of your appliances unique capabilities. You and your team will get custom-tailored, hands-on training to immediately get the maximum value from your investment with the least amount of time commitment from your team.

Want to find out more about how to take advantage of Kace Endpoint management and the JumpStart program?  Contact us now at 212-242-2949, or read more about our related presentation series on, “How to Take Financial Advantage of Microsoft Audits.”