PresentationGraphicLook around the IT marketplace and you will no doubt see a number of providers who claim to offer varying levels of support based on company size.  Almost always, these companies promote their services in such a way that with more endpoint users comes better service and value.  The reality of the matter is that these multi-level support tiers only exist to fool customers into a false sense of added value, or to limit the amount of services they need to provide to lower paying customers.

Tiring methodologies as are used by deceptive IT providers exists solely to push businesses into cookie cutter premade plans.  From here, each business can be serviced according to their value, with larger businesses receiving the lion’s share of support.  What’s more, smaller businesses are often deprived of basic services in these plans because it is not deemed cost effective to the IT provider.  Basic but uncommon services are often excluded from smaller service plan packages and instead billed as one-time expenses at greatly marked up prices.  Overtime these hidden costs add up and will result in much greater expenditures than these basic plans would imply.

Here at IT Computer Support of New York, we take the opposite approach to providing IT services.  We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and give you access to our best IT professionals, regardless of the size of your business or the number of end users you have.    Size shouldn’t matter when it comes to the wellbeing of your business and we ensure that you have the same chance and level of support as even the largest companies.

Contact us today and receive the personalized IT support you need without any hidden fees or deceptive marketing.  ITCSNY always gives the best possible services no matter the size of your organization.  Call us today at 212-242-2949.