LiveVaultOne of our clients, a data center manager, found himself in a bind at years end.  Upper management had not provided him with a budget to maintain their $50k tape library, or replace it after it failed the previous year.  This client had terabytes of business critical data that had not been backed up in months.  Additionally, the processes ran on obsolete equipment that also supported custom software.  Their system executes financial processes that are essential for daily business operations.  The result of the insufficient budget was that mission critical equipment was past end of life (EOL), with expired warranties    Finding replacement parts is near impossible and repairs or replacement is time consuming and expensive.

It is an understatement to say that the risks were extreme and increasing every day:

  • Irreplaceable financial data loss
  • Extended downtime for mission critical processes
  • High operational restoration costs

The client needed a backup before they closed out the books for the year.  There was no budget for capital outlays such as hardware/software and they had a very tight budget for labor.  They needed to eliminate the risk of a catastrophic data loss through accident; disaster or intentional malice and they needed to do it fast.

This client was a clear candidate for our IT Computer Support of New York LiveVault® service.  Our engineers were able to implement a complete off-site, SOX compliant backup of their critical data and software for over 50 servers in less than a day.  There was no capital expense for our client; the entire cost came from the operational expense budget.  Our solution eliminated the risk of mission critical data loss and provided an on-going, off-site, compliant backup for a fraction of the replacement cost of their current hardware and software.  Additionally, our LiveVault® solution includes monitoring, reporting and notifications bundled with the package.

If  the problems this client faced sounds like a world you’ve been living in, IT Computer Support of New York can help you with proven and creative solutions.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us or read more about our LiveVault® service.

– Dan Scolnick
IT Computer Support of New York
President and Chief Technical Officer