PresentationGraphicLast week, IT Computer Support of New York was proud to deliver a presentation on “How to Take Financial Advantage of Microsoft Audits”, to an audience of eager attendees at the Dell Solutions Center in New York City. Licensure Audits are a serious financial drain.   Attendees of the presentation were provided with free evaluation software to assess their licensure usage.

The June 4th audit presentation gave insight as to the liabilities that are endemic among businesses. Licensure audits can occur at any time and will cost an unprepared business thousands of dollars.  Identifying risk factors is the important first step in the protection of your organization.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know what software your business actually uses?
  • Does your business have a valid license for each software instance?
  • Are you aware that Microsoft and other large software manufacturers advertise and pay your employees to disclose their employer’s’ lack of licensure?

If any of these questions leaves you with doubt, you need to make time to attend one of our presentations and learn how to better protect your business.

Plan for a Software Licensure Audit

Once you are targeted for an audit, your business can expect to pay out between 30,000 to 40,000 dollars per 100 computers.  However, these costs are only the start.  If an organization demonstrates flagrant ignorance, or deliberate avoidance of licensing rules, it could become the subject of a further legal audit that could add as much as $1,000 per instance of copyright infringement–that is $1,000 for each unlicensed, installed piece of software.  With that in mind, consider these three different plans to answer a software audit with:

  • The Roll-Over Plan: You pay the companies what they say you owe them, which could be hundreds of thousands of dollars, and wait until they audit you again; they will.
  • The Premium Plan: We provide you with a report of the software licenses you have and don’t have. You learn what each employee needs and what you really owe, so you can stop over paying.
  • The Claw Back Plan: In addition to reports, we install a system that meters you software to what you actually use versus what you installed.

Using ITCSNY’s Fixed Price Managed Services Solution to take advantage of the Premium or Claw Back Plans will:

  • Reduce cost and liability of licensing software.
  • Simplify MS, Adobe, Oracle and SAP licensing.
  • Benefit financially from your Microsoft audit.
  • Speed migration projects.
  • Facilitate upgrades and maintenance project.

An encore presentation on How to Take Financial Advantage of Microsoft Audits will be hosted at the Dell Solutions Center on July 16th. In addition to cost cutting information, attendees can expect a delicious meal from one of the fine eateries around New York City.  This month we were pleased to feature catering from Ben’s Deli. If you would like the opportunity to learn more about Software Audits, ways you can prepare your business and the individual prices of our plans, sign up for the event HERE, or give us a call at 212-242-2949