In this day and age a high percentage of the words business is carried out over the web. With the rising cost of fuel and the growing ease of digital distribution this doesn’t look to be going in any direction except for up. With this in mind Search Engine Optimization is going to grow even further in importance and as a business owner, or even a web hobbyist its crucial to understand just how important SEO really is.

In the traditional world of business your appearance and your handshake were two of the most important first steps to gaining a foot in the door. In the digital world appearance still amounts for a lot but having the best looking website in the world isn’t going to matter if no one can find you. Many web design firms offer attractive looking design packages that sparkle and look pretty but most are put together in what I like to call “conveyor belt production”. Instead of taking the time to make sure everything works at an optimum level they take all the parts off the shelf, shove them together, put a new coat of paint on top to hide the seams and shove them out the door with a pretty bow; Enjoy!  

The truth is search engine optimization requires as much research and planning as it does application. What works in one industry is not guaranteed to work in another and although there are common trends to follow you need to consider your target market before you head down that path.  

You will also see many website promising fast results and 100% web traffic growth. These Black Hat Optimizers do offer a service that works…for a time. The problem is they utilize search engine exploits that gather results usually for about a month. The hitch is that search engine companies know of the exploits and keep a watchful eye out for them. If they catch your website using these techniques you will be blacklisted and after your first month of glory you will be lucky to break the top 40. Not a good place to be.  

But if you do your research you can find people that will help your website gain real results. IT Computer Support of New York has time tested experience bringing websites with no search engine listings into the top five. If you feel like your company is losing money because you are not gaining all the online traffic you should be give us a call at 212-242-2949 and we will talk you through ways we believe your website could be improved.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Design and Optimization Department