DellLogoIT Computer Support of New York recently had the opportunity to introduce clients to the benefits of the Dell Solutions Center.  The Dell Solutions Center, located in Penn Plaza, provides visitors with the ability to interact with software and hardware specialist, as well as see the newest hardware in a test environment.

ITCSNY’s recent software assets management presentation gave attendees direct access to the inner sanctum of the Dell Solutions Center, known as the “Sandbox”.  The Sandbox offers up a collection of all of the products that Dell sells, and places them in an active environment where guests are allowed to view and interact with them.  Beyond the benefit from the direct access to the hardware, Dell hardware and software specialist are stationed throughout the Sandbox to answer questions.  The specialists are more than happy to review a business’s current equipment setup and discuss ways to improve.

Many of the software assets management presentation attendees experienced these benefits first hand at the many dedicated test labs.  The DSC-dedicated labs gave attendees the option to take part in Proof of Concept (POC) engagements.  A POC engagement reduces deployment risks by allowing a participant to test their own systems and data against a solution.  After the setup, a participant is able to measure and evaluate in real time how the product performs and see if it will meet the needs of their business.  As an added benefit, the test environment is not limited solely to Dell products.  The lab has the ability to simulate your entire IT environment, including many third-party products, to give you a reliable performance reference point.  POC are typically attended by technical decision makers and technical staff.

IT Computer Support of New York is pleased to provide the opportunity for so many to experience the benefits of the Dell Solutions Center.  Throughout the coming months, these events will broaden and allow a larger group of businesses to learn about Software Asset Management and to interact with the Dell specialist.  These events will continue to grow awareness about the complexity and financial impact of licensure issues.

The next software asset management presentation is scheduled for September 18th.  If you would like to attend give us a call at 1-877-448-2769, or visit our webpage to sign up on the web.