There is a lot happening this winter and spring at ITCSNY and the content is beginning to show on our web site.  There are massive structural changes in computer network architecture that are dramatically changing the way we think about, design and apply technology to business.  The devices we use (BYOD)¹,  the way we store and secure data (the “cloud”), and even the way we purchase, install, maintain and utilize software has now changed.

Our mission at ITCSNY is to provide the best IT outcomes for our clients.  Each client has specific requirements and budgets.  The best solution is to provide the appropriate balance of security, reliability, performance, disaster recovery and business continuity that fits within your capital and operational budgets.  Over the past months we have been educating ourselves on the new disruptive technology models, how to apply them and the way they alter business models.  We have worked with our ‘bleeding edge’* clients to apply the newest technologies.  We have developed checklists and processes to make implementation of these new technologies cheaper, quicker and painless.

ITCSNY will provide a multi-part educational series directed towards:

  1. New York State Entities that must meet the cyber-security policy of 2010.
  2. PCI / SOX Regulated financial Businesses
  3. HIPAA regulated medical practices
  4. Businesses that want to make wise decisions to achieve high performance, low risk, cost-efficient computing.

The first three parts of our no-cost education series will focus on the specific questions you need to ask, and how to easily get answers:

  1. Telephone and Internet connections (cost, speed, reliability, providers).
  2. Cyber-Security threats and vulnerabilities (Firewalls, VPNS, Anti-spam, Anti-virus).
  3. Fundamental concepts for reliable, cost-efficient computing (passwords, cloud services).

This three part series empowers you to take inventory, assess and answer these 3 questions:

  1.  “What do I have now?”
  2. “What risks, if any, do I need to address”
  3. “What paths should I consider for the future”

Keep an eye on this blog in the next few days, or sign up for our tweets to get the exact dates of the webinars, “lunch and learns” and seminars covering these and future in-depth topics.

– Dan Scolnick
IT Computer Support of New York
President and Chief Technical Officer

  • ¹ BYOD=Bring your own Device.
  •  *bleeding edge = Brand new technology is desirable because it dramatically reduces costs AND provides a business advantage over the competition.  However the first clients to utilize it spend more time, money and effort learning about the pitfalls and unknowns while implementing new technology.  They end up with a ‘new sharper knife’, but they also get a few cuts learning how to use it.  This is referred to the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology.