Earlier this month IT Computer Support of New York ran an article in our newsletter about the benefits of a green business. While it might seem like a contradiction to devote resources into Green Technology to save money it really isn’t. Innovations in hardware technology have made it not only efficient but impractical not to take advantage of Green Technology.

Most people associate a Green Business plan with radical ideas about resource management and conservation but this is just one possibility. Small steps to reinvent your business are almost always the most efficient course of action. Since the cost of energy increase yearly it is a good place to start. Evaluate your current monthly electricity bill; this should also include heating/cooling costs for keeping hardware operational. When you compile this number for twelve months you should have a better understanding of just how costly old hardware upkeep can be.

Innovations in recent years have reduced the size of computers and storage devices while improving energy efficiency. Along with the base benefit of all around better hardware you reduce operational costs of all systems in your office network. Perhaps the best example of this would be iSCSI SAN technology which has a much smaller upkeep foot print than traditional storage area network technology. iSAN technology makes use of the basic philosophy of Virtualization. Simplify operation and increase operational output.

Ecological responsibility is not just a publicity stunt any longer and can have real beneficial effects on your business and the environment in general.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Design and Optimization Department