Through the utilization of the new hardware primary and secondary storage are combined into a single backup and disaster recovery device. Nimble Storage, a virtual technology hardware supplier, has launched a new product line that allows primary and secondary storage to be merged in a single iSCSI Array.

The Nimble Storage CS-Series uses SATA and Flash disk drives to combine the two traditionally independent functions. The Nimble CS-Series is the next evolution in iSCSI storage technology and works to improve network efficiency. CS-Series is based on the Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL), which enables fast inline data compression, intelligent data optimization leveraging flash memory and high-capacity disk, near instant backups, and WAN efficient replication all in a single device. What this means in simple terms is that the CS-Series can cut backup and restore times from hours to mere seconds. In a moment of candor, Vice President of Marketing, Dan Leary was proud to announce the new functionality offered by CASL architecture.

“”Data compresses at different rates so it ends up as variable size blocks. [Using the CASL architecture,] the CS-Series collates variable size blocks and writes out in large, sequential segments so the Flash drives don’t have to perform clean up processes,” said Leary. “This technique provides consistent performance and improves the endurance and lifespan of Flash drives.”

For backups, the Nimble CS-Series provides instant, capacity-optimized snapshots on SATA drives enabling administrators to store 90 days of backups on a single, converged storage and backup device.

While Nimble Storage has pioneered this new technology it is unlikely that they will remain alone in the market for long. Dell EqualLogic dominates the virtual storage market with a hefty 30% market share and has provided many of the industries innovations. Once multi tiered storage becomes widely accepted it will provide plenty of opportunity for competition and innovation that will filter down to benefit customers.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Design and Optimization Department