IT Computer Support of New York is proud to announce the launch of our iSCSI SAN Virtual Storage Solutions website. ITCSNY has partnered with Dell and EqualLogic to become a certified provider of iSAN ™ Virtual Storage Technology. All of us here at IT Computer Support of New York have been working hard to supply our clients with the opportunity to benefit from this technology so this launch marks the culmination of many weeks of work.

iSCSI SAN Virtual Storage Server Architecture is a money-saving asset for your current and future business expansion. With iSCSI SAN technology you can save 40-70% of your hardware, maintenance and upgrade expenses while reducing the total number of servers you need to keep onsite. iSAN ™ technology is compatible with current and future Server Architecture and makes disaster recovery fast and efficient.

iSCSI SAN technology is an evolution of Fiber SAN technology. While Fiber SAN technology had compelling reliability, performance and capabilities, the expense made it justifiable only to very large companies. iSCSI SAN technology has greater capabilities but is offered at a price that makes it a compelling, cost-effective solution to small and midsized companies.

iSCSI SAN architecture is a Disruptive Technology that is set to revolutionize the way network hardware is handled. Take advantage of ISAN™ hardware now, before it becomes the norm, and you will bring your company ahead of the technology curve and reap the benefits while the rest of your industry attempts to catch up.

If you have any questions about our iSAN™ solutions visit our new site on the web or contact us here.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Design and Optimization Department