Earlier this year in August IT Computer Support of New York ran an article in our newsletter on the pros and cons of Disruptive Technology. The overall consensus was that while it is important to research a new technology before jumping into a major change it is vital to adapt when the time is right. For the last couple months ITCSNY has been building a greater working partnership with Dell and we believe that it is now that time.

iSCSI SAN technology promises to revolutionize the way network hardware is handled. The Dell EqualLogic virtualized iSCSI SAN is an automated platform that combines easy to use administrative controls with a rapid setup time. Traditional server environments have always been held back by the hardware limitations on the size and versatility of components. If your network server exhausted all of its free space there was little alternative to buying a new piece of hardware and hope to limit downtime.

iSCSI SAN servers offer a liberating alternative to the problems posed by old technology. Whereas traditional servers were stand alone units, iSCSI SAN hardware is modular and easily upgraded. When a company has grown large enough to require a new fileserver upgrading is as simple as purchasing a new iSCSI box and plugging it into your preexisting system. Best of all iSCSI servers are backwards compatible with your current network file servers. The benefit of this is you will be able to keep your network systems up and running while your files are being migrated over to new server environment.

iSCSI SAN technology is poised to disrupt the current hardware hierarchy by offering cheaper more flexible solutions to data storage. All businesses regardless of size can benefit from this disruptive technology. With cheaper hardware, more versatility, and drastically reduced downtime there is no reason NOT to consider an iSCSI solution. If you would to learn more about iSCSI SAN visit our webpage or contact us.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Design and Optimization Department