GoogleFiberBunnyGoogle is seeking FCC permission to test a new form of wirelesses technology that could combine the speeds of Google Fiber with wireless service.  Google Fiber is a relative new comer to internet providers and offers vastly superior download and upload speeds at a fraction of the cost of other internet companies.  The only problem is that Google Fiber is limited to just a handful of cities around the country.  However, if the FCC approves testing for the new technology, widespread availability may become an option sooner than anyone anticipated.

Google submitted an application to the FCC on Monday that, if approved, would allow them to test a rarely used wireless frequency that has the potential to transmit large amounts of data.   Google has long held plans to expand its normal fiber optic cable line of internet but the expense of laying down the infrastructure is (so far) cost prohibitive for most of the country.  Google has also been reluctant to over expand and then not be able to support its Fiber customers.  The use of wireless technology as a distribution model would mitigate many of these problems.

Google Fiber offers internet speeds of 1Gbit/s (1000 mb/s) compared to the paltry 5-6mb/s speeds of most competitors.  With the ongoing controversies surrounding the Comcast/Time Warner merger it’s no wonder that Google would choose now as the perfect time to test ways to expand its service areas.  Concerns over data security, especially with a wireless signal, will need to be considered but extra competition for the current big internet providers will always be a good thing.  If nothing else, Google’s push into the realm of internet provider may at least force the other providers into supplying a higher quality product.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Webmaster and Lead Designer