The last month has been an interesting time here at IT Computer Support of New York. As many of you have probably noticed last month we started revitalizing our web presence with a new look and new functionality. As part of this we have been working to bring all of aspects of our company in line with our new Blue 2.0 Design. The goal of all of this has always been to find new and more efficient ways to serve our customers. Bringing this full circle starting this week we will be introducing two new services for new and existing customers.

ITCSNY has worked closely with Dell over the last couple month to become certified iSCSI SAN providers for the state of New York. iSCSI Server Architecture is unique to traditional server technology in the way that it handles expansion and migration. Traditionally, when it came time for a business to upgrade its servers it meant purchasing a whole new larger filer server. The result of this upgrade was a period of downtime that could last hours or even days as all the necessary files were transferred over to the new hardware. For a large and prosperous company this could mean the loss of thousands of dollars in downtime.

iSCSI SAN servers offer a speedy alternative to this problem. Real world tests conducted by ITCSNY has found that in most cases iSCSI SAN server solutions can be fully set up in 15 minutes. Best of all iSCSI SAN technology is backwards compatible with your current server environment meaning your systems can be upgraded without any downtime. Through shortened downtime, plug and play upgradability, and less expensive hardware; upgrading to an iSCSI server solution can easily save your business 40-70% of your tech bill over the course of 5-7 years. With that kind of savings upgrading to an iSCSI server is a true asset to any business. You can expect a more in-depth analysis of iSCSI Server Architecture in the coming weeks.

The second service IT Computer Support of New York is adding will be directly beneficial to our preexisting customers. ITCSNY has always offered live telephone and onsite support but sometimes a situation arises that is not easily solved over the phone but not dire enough to warrant an onsite visit. As an answer to this ITCSNY has developed the Remote Technical Assistance Web Portal. Through this application our clients can share control of their computer work environments with an ITCSNY Technician who will be able to solve their problems fast and efficiently. Live Remote Support is available to all preexisting clients who have an On-Demand Support contract so there is no additional cost to worry about. If you are interested but do not already have an On-Demand Support contract please contact us here.

These are just the first of many improvements lined up for the coming weeks so check back soon. And as always tell us what you think. We love to learn from your feedback on how to improve our services.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Design and Optimization Department