Overshadowed by Google for many years Microsoft invested $80 million dollars to develop a search engine that would rival the current search king. With roughly 60% of all searches in the U.S. carried out on its platform, Google is no easy target. Surprisingly, Bing stands out from the pack as a real contender.

I have been a supporter of Google since the search engine made its start many years ago and the reason has always been convenience and reliability. Microsoft realizes this fact and attempts to expand on it with Bing. Just like Google, Bing relies on a very simple interface without a lot of extra clutter but after using the search engine for a couple weeks I have to say they have made some improvements.

Bing Search Engine

Bing Search Engine

As seen in the image above the search results for Bing look very familiar but manage to incorporate additional information. As seen above our company listing displays not only the description text for our website but also the introductory paragraph and our contact number. As an added bonus the listing also includes a sitemap of some of our top pages (on demand support and 24/7 monitoring). While this may be overlooked by some it offers ease of access without the need to leave the search results.
Further test reveal that Bing puts more emphases on the phrase of a search instead of particular words. Because of this relevance of searches is much higher since it is unnecessary to include all keywords. For those that are unclear in what they want to find Bing also supplies an organized related searches option to guide users to the correct location. With better organization and more search options Bing pulls away from Google in many areas.

One problem remains however. Google has become the standard for so many years that people go to it instinctively. Even though Bing offers many beneficial new features the questions remains; is Big different or enough of an improvement to encourage people to switch over?

If you are a Google user what would it take you to convert?

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Design and Optimization Department