The start of a New Year means new business opportunities and the potential for new problems. January is the perfect time to have a thorough assessment of your company’s network infrastructure. As businesses look for ways to cut costs many have found their resources lacking when it comes to crucial business components. Proper assessment of your computer hardware and software will prepare your financial department for the expenses your business will incur throughout the year.

A level 20 assessment takes into consideration business necessities that are often neglected during typical budget creation. It is critical to take into consideration big ticket items such as data storage and workstations but it is also important to make sure that secondary necessary requirements are also addressed. To keep productivity high a business needs to budget for increased storage requirements, recurring update costs, upgrades, support, maintenance and licensure. Government and industry specific regulations may impose new requirements as well. New software and systems may require mandatory upgrades.

IT Computer Support of New York provides level 20 assessments that cover 7 key areas of business operation along with an in-depth analysis of findings and recommendations. A level 20 assessment with IT Computer Support of New York covers:

  • Configuration of Firewall
  • Configuration of Switches
  • Physical and logical configuration of representative workstations
  • Storage utilization and needs
  • UPS recommendations
  • Backup
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware capabilities and more.

IT Computer Support of New York will go through your current business hardware and software configurations and provide you with a detailed checklist of all your subsystems. After you receive your level 20 assessment IT Computer Support of New York will be happy to consult with you on a proper course of action for all possible concerns. By planning your budget around the current necessities of your business you will be better prepared to make intelligent investments throughout the year.

If you would like to schedule a level 20 assessment or learn more about the covered services contact Maureen McHugh at (212) 242-2949.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Design and Optimization Department