PresentationGraphicLast week’s software asset management presentation, “How to take financial advantage of a Licensure Audit”, was given to a full capacity crowd.  The event was held at the New York Dell Solutions Center.  Attendees were given an opportunity to learn about cost saving ways to combat a software audit, as well as, a chance to interact with Dell solution experts.

The presentation took place in the “Sandbox”, an area of the Solutions Center which is setup with operational hardware and software that can be used to demonstrate products and perform ‘proof of concepts’ in real-time.  ITCSNY presenters covered many of the complex licensure issues.  Utilizing the capabilities of the Sandbox, ITCSNY, using their FPS product, were able to demonstrate to the attendees, hackers and bandwidth thieves operating in their programs within minutes of executing the Fixed Price Solution (FPS) software.

The presentation continued with an overview of reports generated by the FPS software.  The reports showed executives the ability to retake control of their software licensure away from companies such as Microsoft and Adobe, and most importantly, showed them how to benefit financially from an audit.  The costs savings for many companies can be in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The demonstrated licensure costs analysis surprised all attendees. The attendees had no idea of the dollar value of their software assets until the FPS product reports provided the necessary data.

After the presentation, many of our attendees reached out to us with appreciation.  Alphonse Guardino from the office of emergency management, recounted the trouble he had faced with continuity plans for a government entity that had over 10,000 employees.  He went on to explain that the “FPS software could have put all of our information at our fingertips in an instant.”

Mathew Brown, from Travel Planners, had these kind words to say, “You treated me as if I was a part of the team more than a client.  Even after the presentation was over I didn’t have to feel like I had to rush off.   I could actually stay and speak about other questions I had.  The atmosphere was great!  Thanks again!”

IT Computer Support of New York is pleased that so much interest in this topic has been generated by their presentation.  These events will continue to grow awareness about the complexity and financial impact of licensure issues.  Invitees, who were unable to attend, have reached out to us for more information and have received a private on-site presentation.    Participants, who attended our event, have taken advantage of the free 30 day FPS software evaluation.

The next software asset management presentation is scheduled for September 18th.  If you would like to attend give us a call at 1-877-448-2769, or visit our webpage to sign up on the web.