Chrome Beta 3 arrived recently to the fanfare of Google aficionados but few others. What is Chrome you might ask? Well for the uninitiated its Google’s news web foray; a proprietary internet browser that they had hoped would surpass IE and Firefox in user base. The promise behind Chrome stems primarily from its pedigree. The Google search engine took the world by storm and has grown to become an everyday household term. Google had hoped to do the same for web browsers.

So have they succeeded? Not quite. When the first Chrome Beta was released they held a respectable portion of the market share but since then users have actually dwindled. Currently Google Chrome has now settled into a holding pattern around 0.7 percent browser market share. The biggest problem facing Chrome is that there is already a competitor doing what they intend. Within the last five years, Firefox has quite literally taken the internet by storm.

As it stands now Chrome is the fastest browser on the market. Chrome is also secure, easy to use and attractive looking. But as for new killer features Chrome has very little to offer. Firefox already has the security, functionality, and higher degree of customization than any other browser on the marketplace. Also, looking at time frame, Firefox overtook Internet Explorer in functionality years ago but did not come close to matching its market share until quite recently. As a secure and reliable platform most people simply don’t see a reason to switch browsers. For this reason it is unlikely that Chrome will make any great leaps in its market share. It is not a bad product; just that for most users, there is no reason to upgrade from something that already works.

– Richard Keene
IT Computer Support of New York
Design and Optimization Department