Manhattan, New York City (NYC) is a small island off the east coast of the United States.  Many people think of it as a huge faceless, heartless, Gotham City.  For those of us that make our lives here, we understand that NYC is a large collection of small communities.  We have the density to support “mom & pop” stores and everybody knows everyone else; we live like people did 100 years ago.  We go to the butcher – who knows what we like and saves it for us, the baker, the cheese monger; there are no huge faceless supermarkets. The person standing next to you on the subway could be the CEO of a fortune 500 company, the mayor or a homeless person.  NYC is very real.  We New Yorkers have a commonality of experience.  In NYC, excellence is ordinary.  We have the best and the worst and we see it all every day.

I worked for Bellcore as a senior resident visitor at the beginning of my career 30 years ago.  Bell was the grand-daddy of the outsourced IT model that many companies attempt to attain today.  The lessons I learned at Bell are part of the structure of IT Computer Support of New York (ITCSNY) and every employee is trained in that discipline.

NYC is a place where companies start-up, place their headquarters and then expand to other parts of the world.  At ITCSNY we ARE the IT department for many NY based companies, large and small.  When our clients open branches in Texas, Las Vegas, Australia, we have the brains, the know-WHO and the resources to build their reliable infrastructure, place it in remote sites and manage it transparently and efficiently.  We know what it feels like to utilize outsourced eyes and hands effectively.

NYC is one of the first places that companies that “have made it” want to expand their model into.  A significant portion of our clients are successful companies from Europe, Asia, Australia and other United States.  It is not unusual for a company’s satellite office in NYC to be larger than their original headquarters.  Many of these clients have built their infrastructure already, but need local “eyes and hands” to work with their IT staff to implement and maintain satellite offices in NYC.  ITCSNY performs that service for them.  Additionally, we offer our ‘Brains’.  Out-of-towners first starting out in NYC often run into some of the unique aspects of doing business here, which can lead to extended and expensive delays.  At ITCSNY we don’t need to learn these things the first time, we’ve lived them for decades.  We stay up to date on certifications, the latest equipment and designs.  So when you have access to our brains, we bring along proven solutions that are implemented quickly, accurately and with no roadblocks or surprises.

Our clients know that they can depend on us to manage and maintain their IT whether they are native to NYC, or based hundreds of miles away. When you buy monthly access to our brains, our “eyes and hands” take care of you and you get value from the very first call.

– Dan Scolnick
IT Computer Support of New York