Microsoft has Blocked Updates of Windows 7 on New Hardware

Anyone who tries to run Windows 7 on the latest versions of either Intel or AMD’s processors are about to get shut out.  A change to Microsoft’s patching policy has made it impossible to install security updates for Windows 7 on computer equipped with new processors.  This change was put into place with this month’s [...]

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Windows as a Service Has Killed Standard Business OS Deployment

Windows 10 was sold with the promise that it would be the final operating system that users would ever own.  As we approach the two year anniversary of its launch, Microsoft is holding fast to its promise, however, many IT departments are displeased with what this final solution means for businesses. Software as a service [...]

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Microsoft: Even Patches Can’t Keep Windows 7 Secure

Microsoft isn’t subtle when it talks about the security limitations of Windows 7.  In a recent blog post, Microsoft made it clear that even with regular patches; Windows 7 is no longer a secure option for users in 2017. This warning from Microsoft comes in no small part due to the end of support deadline [...]

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Windows 7 End of the Line

After seven years, Windows 7 is rapidly approaching its final days.  Already phased out of Standard Support cycle, Windows 7 will soon leave the authorized sales market on October 31st.   If you are in the market for a Windows 7 PC, your options are about to get a bit more limited. Microsoft support and sale [...]

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