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Facebook’s New Auto-Play “Feature” May Cost You Big Money

Earlier this month, Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows in stream videos to play automatically.  Officially, the roll out is still in the test phase, but a large number of people have already noticed a problem with the new “feature”.  Since many Facebook users access the site from a mobile device, they are [...]

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Zero-day vulnerability puts all versions of Internet Explorer at risk

Late last week, Microsoft confirmed the existence of a new zero day vulnerability that affects all versions of Internet Explorer.  As of 2013, Internet Explorer accounted for as much as 26% of the global browser market, which leaves a substantial percentage of the world’s computer users at risk.  The vulnerability allows for remote code execution [...]

Google Chrome Browser Finally Cracked

Google’s Chrome internet browser has remained the high water mark for web browser security for four years but that legacy has finally been broken.  Chrome, which entered the browser marketplace back in 2008 quickly gained a name for itself for being the fastest web browser as well as functionally hacker proof.  Google has taken part [...]

Top Five Steps to Protect Your Business Against Data Leaks

Data Leaks have become one of the greatest threats to confront today's businesses. With an increased demand for offsite work and the growth of digital media businesses are forced to combat outside attack attempts as well as negligence. In order to secure your companies private information consider these five steps. 1. Monitor Mobile Content. Businesses [...]

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Google Video used to spread malware

Video sharing sites like Youtube and Google Video have become second nature and trusted by all web 2.0 users. The last two weeks has broken this trust, however, as Google Video have been targeted by blackhat SEO campaign operators. The site has been put to use to spread malware using Google’s own search engine rank [...]