Ransomware: Don’t Let Your Computer Get Locked

A few months ago a relatively new kind of computer virus started to infect the computers of users around the world.  So called Ransomware (MoneyPak scam) computer viruses and malware take control of a user’s computer, locking them out of even the most basic functionality.  In addition to the computer lockout the malware puts up [...]

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Cyber-attacks: The Secret War with China

Well, it was in the news that we were under cyber-attack by China and that we were retaliating.  You might think that there would be pictures and videos and news at 11.  Instead it’s more like discovering a new galaxy. It has no impact on us, or does it? My company sits in a unique [...]

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Multiplatform Web Exploit Uncovered

Researchers at F-Secure have uncovered a new exploit that attempts to install backdoor malware on Windows, Linux and versions of MAC OS X operating systems.   While malware in general is common, cross platform vulnerability is a relatively new concept and serves as a reminder to keep your software up to date, regardless of which operating [...]

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Cross compatible Rootkit Viruses

For the last several years we’ve been dealing with a lot of Windows XP Kernel viruses.  These are viruses that infect the (normally unchangeable) Kernel of Windows XP only.  They’re devastating little viruses, and tend to require specialized tools to remove.  The problem is that once they’re in the Kernel, no standard antivirus in the [...]

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The October Macro Virus

A new version of the Macro virus has begun propagating this month with disastrous effects for small business and home computer users.  The ability to identify this virus could save you and your business a lot of stress as we move into fall.  This version of the Macro virus typically spreads as an e-mail that [...]

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