Cloudbleed Security Flaw has Leaked Client Data for Months

A massive security flaw in the Cloudflare client has led to what may be the biggest data breach of 2017.  Cloudflare is a web infrastructure company that provides hosting and security services for hundreds of popular websites.   A security flaw in the software known as Cloudbleed was discovered and patched last week, but because of [...]

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Windows as a Service Has Killed Standard Business OS Deployment

Windows 10 was sold with the promise that it would be the final operating system that users would ever own.  As we approach the two year anniversary of its launch, Microsoft is holding fast to its promise, however, many IT departments are displeased with what this final solution means for businesses. Software as a service [...]

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IRS Warns of Rampant W-2 and Money Wire Scams

Last year saw an unprecedented number of complaints from businesses that were victims of tax season phishing scams and the IRS warns that a new batch of attacks has already begun.  Targeted phishing scams campaigns (Spear Phishing), use insider information to take advantage of a business’s employees.  The latest scams uses fake emails disguised as [...]

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Malvertising Saw an Increase of 132% in 2016

Online advertising is a necessary evil when it comes to funding online media, unfortunately, this practice has resulted in Malvertising; the act of embedding malware within legitimate websites.  According to research from RiskIQ, a leader in digital threat management, malvertising saw a rise of 132% in 2016 over the previous year. “Malvertising is so nefarious [...]

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Microsoft: Even Patches Can’t Keep Windows 7 Secure

Microsoft isn’t subtle when it talks about the security limitations of Windows 7.  In a recent blog post, Microsoft made it clear that even with regular patches; Windows 7 is no longer a secure option for users in 2017. This warning from Microsoft comes in no small part due to the end of support deadline [...]

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Apple Computer Exploit Freezes Computers and Extorts Money

An exploit that targets the Safari internet browser has surfaced that can overload a computer’s memory and cause a system crash.  When the exploit activates, a user’s email client will activate and attempt to open hundreds of blank emails until system resources are exhausted.  MAC OS users are advised to use caution when following links [...]

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Russian Botnet Responsible for the Theft of Millions Every Day

A group of Russian based hackers are stealing an estimated $3 to $5 Million dollars every day as part of the most lucrative botnet ever discovered.  The White Ops security group discovered the botnet, dubbed “Methbot,” which exploits video advertising on a massive scale. YouTube receives nearly a billion unique visits every month, so it [...]

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The Worst Hack in History: 1 Billion Accounts Stolen

Yahoo is in the spotlight again, this time over the security breach of more than one billion user accounts.  Most alarming is that this breach is separate from the data theft event that was disclosed back in September, which on its own consisted of 500 million accounts.  This latest breach couldn’t come at a worse [...]

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Windows 10 Creators Update Planned for Spring

Microsoft first announced the Windows 10 Creators Update back in October with a number of features geared towards content creators. This week, Microsoft revealed that the planned update will also include an expanded array of tools to improve the user experience of enterprise class customers.  If you’ve held out this long, the Creators Update may [...]

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Apple Spam Loophole

Many people turn to Apple products because of the perceived notion that they are inherently more secure than PC and Android devices; unfortunately, that is not always the case.  A recent Apple security loophole has surfaced that has put thousands of users on the receiving end of numerous spam campaigns.   Here, we will look at [...]

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