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Facebook Uses Your Private Mobile Number for Ad Targeting

Facebook has got itself into hot water again, this time in response to concerns over handing user phone numbers over to advertisers. On Thursday, Facebook confirmed that phone numbers used to verify two-factor authentication become targetable by advertisers within weeks of use. As a free platform, Facebook earns most of its money through advertising. Any [...]

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Old Misfortune Cookie Vulnerability Reappears on Medical Devices

Four years ago, the Misfortune Cookie vulnerability posed a threat to residential SOHO routers and was present in over 200 models from different manufacturers.  The vulnerability allowed hackers to remotely access the routers and hijack the devices.  The old vulnerability has reared its head again but this time the vulnerability is present in medical device [...]

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WannaCry Ransomware Could Have Been Prevented

Earlier this year, the National Health Service (NHS) was hit in a wide scale attack from the WannaCry ransomware.  A recent report from the National Audit Office (NAO) shows that while devastating, this attack could have been prevented through security best practices. The WannaCry outbreak occurred back in May when over 19,000 medical appointments were [...]

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Digital Assistants Proven Vulnerable to Silent Commands

Voice activated digital assistants have started to work their ways into most consumer electronic devices such as phones, iPads and even full operating systems, like Windows 10.  Digital assistants provide great time saving measures as commands can be spoken instead typed out manually on awkward touchscreens or tiny keyboards.  Unfortunately, researchers have discovered that a [...]

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Microsoft Patch Addresses 48 Separate Vulnerabilities

Earlier this week, Microsoft released a major update for Windows that includes fixes to 48 separate vulnerabilities.  Microsoft releases security updates every month but this week’s update includes two fixes to issues rated with the highest security rating.  Updates rated at the “critical” level are flaws that could be exploited by malware if left unsecured. [...]

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Microsoft claims Windows 10 S is ransomware-proof. But there is a catch…

Windows 10 S has started to roll out on Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop with a bold claim; the computers are immune to all current ransomware.  The boast comes up a time when ransomware attacks have started to peak after a five month low.  Unfortunately, in order to provide a secure platform, Microsoft has taken extreme [...]

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What You Need to Know about the WannaCry Ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware spread quickly last week and has infected over 200,000 users in 150 different countries.  Like most ransomware, once infected, WannaCry will encrypt a user’s files and demand payment to unlock them.  What is strange, however, is how quickly WannaCry has spread from system to system. Most ransomware relies on social engineering tricks [...]

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IBM Distributed Malware Infected USB Devices to Customers

Last week, IBM issued a security alert over malware that was accidently shipped to customers.  Infected USB devices were distributed with IBMs Storwize data center products.  IBM warns that the infected USB drives should be reformatted or destroyed to prevent infection. IBM has not specified exactly how many devices contain the malware but has disclosed [...]

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Password Security is about to Change for the Better

It’s no secret that most computer users have password fatigue; many people are forced to remember numerous passwords, each with their own set of requirements and often with mandated refresh cycles.  The result is that security is actually made weaker as users stumble to create easy to remember passwords or simply write down their passwords [...]

TorrentLocker Back from the Dead and Worse than Ever

TorrentLocker, also known as Cryptolocker, was a notorious variant of ransomware that targeted Windows users back in 2014.  Thanks to awareness articles and security updates, the ransomware slowly became less effective and was largely abandoned back in 2015.   Unfortunately, it appears that the outdated malware has been updated with a bevy of new features and [...]

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