SynAck Doppelgänging Slips Past Antivirus Programs

First reported in 2017, the SynAck malware was nothing particularly special.  Like most ransomware based malware, SynAck employed file encryption and blackmail to extort victims of money through Bitcoin.  All of that has changed, however, as a new SynAck variant has been reported that uses a technique known as Doppelgänging to bypass security programs. [...]

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Locky Ransomware Returns with the Devil

One of the most successful ransomware families, Locky, has returned from the dead with two new variants, ‘Lukitus’ and ‘Diablo’.  The Locky family of ransomware is a type of computer malware that spreads primarily though the distribution of email attachments.  Locky is unique in ransomware in that, since its first appearance in 2016, it has [...]

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Higher-Education: A Top Ransomware Target

Enterprise ransomware has become so commonplace that it is rare that a day goes by that you don’t hear about the release of a new variant spreading across the globe.  With all of these attacks, it’s not surprising that organizations other than businesses have started to come under fire. A 12 months snapshot starting in [...]

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A massive cyberattack is shutting down business around the world

A massive cyberattack that started this morning has now become a global malware incident.  Businesses and government agencies in the Ukraine, Russia, Denmark and the United Stated have all reported system failure as a result of the attack.  As businesses are hit by the infection, many have been forced to send their employee’s home as [...]

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What You Need to Know about the WannaCry Ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware spread quickly last week and has infected over 200,000 users in 150 different countries.  Like most ransomware, once infected, WannaCry will encrypt a user’s files and demand payment to unlock them.  What is strange, however, is how quickly WannaCry has spread from system to system. Most ransomware relies on social engineering tricks [...]

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Ransomware: Best Case Scenario

Proactive defenses and employee education are the best ways to protect against ransomware, however, accidents happen and sometimes malware sneaks through even the best defenses.  We’ve discussed ransomware disasters in the past but you may wonder how things would turn out with proactive solution in place.  Quite recently, our technicians remediated just such an occurrence. [...]

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Ransomware Profiteering: Cybercrime Becomes Big Business

The purpose of ransomware is to devastate and it becomes more popular with each successful attack.  Ransomware has evolved beyond random attacks on gullible victims and has grown into a full-fledged business of profiteering.  The modern cybercriminal who perpetrates ransomware attacks is smug, efficient and entrepreneurial. Ransomware used to be straightforward; threaten or trick a [...]

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The Evolution of Ransomware

Never before have computer users been subjected to a threat as disruptive and dangerous as modern ransomware.  Where older viruses and malware disrupted data, ransomware holds it prisoner.  Extortion is the new agenda and it’s carried out on a massive scale.  Ransomware has emerged as the most destructive and difficult category of malware to deal [...]

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