The Final Patch Tuesday for Windows 8

Microsoft is starting off the New Year with a list of big changes and important patches.  Last month we reported that Internet Explorer 6 through 10 would be discontinued on January 12th, but this month also marks the end of support for the much maligned Windows 8.  On Tuesday, Microsoft delivered the final set of [...]

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April 2015 Patch Tuesday Closes Major Security Holes

The April Patch Tuesday event happened this week, and with it, Microsoft released a number of important security fixes for users of Windows and MS Office.  As part of the April release, Microsoft has released 11 security bulletins, four of which are rated as critical fixes for remote code execution flaws. The most important patch [...]

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Microsoft Recalls Recent Patch Tuesday Security Update

Just a few days ago, Microsoft released the latest security updates for the Windows 7 operating system. However, it seems that the update can cause as many problems as it fixes.  Many users who installed the update on the release date have reported incidents of the infamous "blue screen of death" crash after installation.  Many [...]

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October Patch Tuesday Will Force a Major Change in Windows Security

While this month’s Patch Tuesday saw a reprieve in the typical onslaught of critical system patches, Microsoft plans to unleash a major update next month that will invalidate old security encryption. Microsoft has been planning to introduce a change to their security certificate program since June when the Flame malware became a problem. The Flame [...]

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A Pertinent Reminder on the Importance of Patching

Tim Rains, a director of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing group, revealed earlier this week that, "Between one-third and one-half" of all attacks detected and blocked by Microsoft's security software from the beginning of July 2010 to the end of June 2011 were Java-based.”   Microsoft's anti-malware technologies blocked more than 27.5 million Java exploits over a 12-month [...]

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A Retrospective Look at Malware

Computer viruses and malware may seem like a relatively modern concern but malicious software has existed since the early days of computer hardware. In recent years the media has played a large role in public awareness of malware with more frequent reports on the latest cyber threats. An even greater element to the increased awareness [...]

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Top 10 Patching and Backup Tips for a Secure Office

Office network security should be among the top priorities for all office managers.  Over the last three years there has been a steady increase in the amount reported cases of data loss caused by system breaches and negligence.  As the information technology costs of business increase its important to be aware of potential problem areas [...]

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Don’t let Cybercriminals Ruin the Holidays: Patch System Vulnerabilities

The holiday season is a popular time for cybercriminals to host attacks again business computer systems.  With employees distracted with more important things and holiday media circulated freely cybercriminals are often given free reign to cause disruption and damage.  Patching system vulnerabilities is a low cost solution that can save a business thousands of dollars [...]

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