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Cross compatible Rootkit Viruses

For the last several years we’ve been dealing with a lot of Windows XP Kernel viruses.  These are viruses that infect the (normally unchangeable) Kernel of Windows XP only.  They’re devastating little viruses, and tend to require specialized tools to remove.  The problem is that once they’re in the Kernel, no standard antivirus in the [...]

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Usability Changes in Windows 7

With Windows 7 planned for launch later this year it’s a good time to take a look at some of the changes you can expect from the new operating system. The first thing most people are interested in is whether or not Windows 7 is faster than the resource wasteful Vista. From early test the [...]

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Internet Explorer 8 Delayed

On Wednesday Microsoft announced that the previously expected end of year release of Internet Explorer 8 would be pushed back into 2009. IE8, which entered public beta in March has undergone scrutiny for compatibility issues but was still expected to be ready for a winter 2008 release. The news that this will no longer happen [...]

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