New Multi Tiered Virtualization Storage Devices

Through the utilization of the new hardware primary and secondary storage are combined into a single backup and disaster recovery device. Nimble Storage, a virtual technology hardware supplier, has launched a new product line that allows primary and secondary storage to be merged in a single iSCSI Array. The Nimble Storage CS-Series uses SATA and [...]

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Top 10 Things Your Business Can Do To Go Green This Summer

2008 saw a huge global trend in Green business awareness. Ecological and social responsibilities are two of the major trends that will be important to your customers and investors this year. More than ever people want to do business with Green companies so take the opportunity to better yourself, your business, and the environment at [...]

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New SAN Technology: Help the Planet and Your Company Budget

Earlier this month IT Computer Support of New York ran an article in our newsletter about the benefits of a green business. While it might seem like a contradiction to devote resources into Green Technology to save money it really isn’t. Innovations in hardware technology have made it not only efficient but impractical not to [...]

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