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Over 100 Million Internet Explorer Users Must Upgrade Before January 12th

On January 12th 2016, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for versions of Internet Explorer older than IE11.  With less than three weeks left, this could be a problem for the millions of Internet Explorer users who still use outdated software. Numbers vary, but it is estimated that at least 124 [...]

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Microsoft closes Java based security hole in Internet Explorer

Microsoft plans to release an update for Internet Explorer that will fix a security threat which has plagued the browser for years.  Originally planned for release on August 12th, the security fix will block out-of-date ActiveX controls and reduce the threat of Java based malware intrusions.  Microsoft has revealed that while the feature and related [...]

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Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability unpatched after seven months

Internet Explorer 8 remains the most used browser version in the world, so it should come as a surprise that a vulnerability discovered back in October 2013 has remained unpatched.  The vulnerability was made public earlier this week by Hewlett-Packard's bug bounty program when Microsoft failed to address the problem. Hewlett-Packard's Tipping Point Zero-Day Initiative [...]

The Web Browser Tax

Security professionals and web developers alike have encouraged users to keep their web browsers updated but one online retailer has taken that a step further.  Kogan, an electronics retailer based out of Australia has imposed the first tax on customers who use an outdated browser like Internet Explorer 7 for their purchases on its site. [...]

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Internet Explorer 8 Goes Live

Yesterday Microsoft released the final build of Internet Explorer 8 for public download. Since part of my job is to ensure that our websites are compatible against all I decided to be the company guinea. Let’s see how IE8 stacks up against the other top browsers today. After installing the new browser IE8 complied in [...]

Internet Explorer 8 Preps for Release

Earlier this week Microsoft revealed that in preparation for the release of Internet Explorer 8 they have taken steps to make the transition as easy as possible. Internet Explorer 8 has a planned release as part of the auto update functionally of all Windows Operating Systems. “We believe IE8 helps make browsing the web faster, [...]

Critical Security Flaw Found in IE7

Microsoft announced Tuesday that a critical vulnerability has been found in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. The flaw in the browser can allow cybercriminals to gain access to your computer and steal your passwords. Security experts are advising users to switch to an alternate internet browser until an emergency patch can be issued. It is highly [...]

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Internet Explorer 8 Delayed

On Wednesday Microsoft announced that the previously expected end of year release of Internet Explorer 8 would be pushed back into 2009. IE8, which entered public beta in March has undergone scrutiny for compatibility issues but was still expected to be ready for a winter 2008 release. The news that this will no longer happen [...]