Google’s Cloud Turns Stormy

Earlier this week Google encountered a service crash that affected over 150,000 people and left most of them without access to their email accounts. Google reported that the service outage only accounted for roughly .08% of their total user base but with an estimated 193 million users worldwide this still adds up to a shocking [...]

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Aquatic Google Datacenters

In an interesting development Google has taken the concept of Green Technology and moved it to a whole new level; or to be quite accurate, out to sea. The novel idea has awarded Google with a patent for the production of offshore datacenters to be used to help with the massive amount of information that [...]

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Behavioral Advertising

For years Google has used its search engine and custom applications to match products and services to keyword content. Up until now this has consisted largely of simple keyword advertisements. Type “shoes” in Google, for example, and you will get advertisements from shoe company partners. Last week Google proposed to change all this with their [...]

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Google Video used to spread malware

Video sharing sites like Youtube and Google Video have become second nature and trusted by all web 2.0 users. The last two weeks has broken this trust, however, as Google Video have been targeted by blackhat SEO campaign operators. The site has been put to use to spread malware using Google’s own search engine rank [...]

Google Gunning for Firefox

When Google released the beta version of Google Chrome earlier this year it was received with a mixed reception. The browser that had been announced as faster and more secure then either Firefox or Internet Explorer proved instead to be little more than a cosmetic alternative. Now however, Google is ramping up its Chrome promotion [...]

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Office Battle: Microsoft vs. Google

Microsoft Office has been the gold standard for business productivity software for more then a decade but Google is once against taking strides to stand out against convention. As most people know Google has become more than just a search engine. One of their many branches has been developing web based productivity tools. Not wanting [...]

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