Gmail Redesign Puts Email Marketers in Their Place

Earlier this week Google released the latest version of Gmail, which features a substantial interface overhaul.  The biggest change is that Gmail will now sort your inbox into categorized tabs such as Primary, Social and Promotions.  Many users will likely find the new interface a welcome addition but marketing firms and in-house business promotions are [...]

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Google Reaches Out to Emerging Markets

Google launched a service on Thursday that it hopes will allow millions of people in developing nations to access the internet for free.  The new service, named Free Zone, will facilitate the use of Google Search, Gmail and Google + through a special domain entry point.  The service launched in the Philippines and allows users [...]

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Google’s Cloud Turns Stormy

Earlier this week Google encountered a service crash that affected over 150,000 people and left most of them without access to their email accounts. Google reported that the service outage only accounted for roughly .08% of their total user base but with an estimated 193 million users worldwide this still adds up to a shocking [...]

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