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Second Google+ Security Vulnerability in Three Months Hastens Shutdown

Google+ has encountered its second security vulnerability since October.  The most recent issue may have leaked up 52.5 million account credentials, including information that was set to private within the platform. The social media platform has been underutilized for years and in the light of ongoing security concerns, Google has announced that it will shut [...]

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Equifax Support Team has been Sending Victims to a Fake Website for Weeks

The Equifax data breach, which occurred earlier this month, has been one of the worst security incidents in years.  143 million people have had their information compromised by the data breach, many of whom have never used the Equifax service themselves.  In response to the attack, Equifax setup a website to allow users to check [...]

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Online Password Manager Hit by Data Breach

OneLogin, a popular cloud based service for password management revealed that they have been hit by a security breach.  The company disclosed the breach on Wednesday, stating that encrypted data stored in the United States data region had been accessed from an unauthorized party.  All users in the US have been notified of the security [...]

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Modern Business Solutions Security Breach Exposes 58 Million Accounts

Following in the wake of the Yahoo Security breach we have yet another large scale leak, this time aimed squarely at businesses. Modern Business Solutions (MBS), a data management and monetization services provider, has been hit by a security breach that has exposed at least 58 million accounts. Information leaked in the breach includes names, [...]

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Yahoo Confirms 500 Million User Hack

Yahoo confirmed on Thursday that they have experienced a historic level hack that has affected at-least 500 million users.  Knowledge of the hack first hit the news back in August, when it was discovered that 200 million user credentials were being sold on the dark web.  At the time, Yahoo claimed to be investigating the incident but declined to [...]

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