Critical Server Patching

/Critical Server Patching

Microsoft Recalls Recent Patch Tuesday Security Update

Just a few days ago, Microsoft released the latest security updates for the Windows 7 operating system. However, it seems that the update can cause as many problems as it fixes.  Many users who installed the update on the release date have reported incidents of the infamous "blue screen of death" crash after installation.  Many [...]

Patching and Zero Day

Microsoft recommends the installation of patches as part of a regular monthly Tuesday release cycle.  IT Computer Support of New York (ITCSNY) believes that the security and reliability of a business’s computer system is mission-critical and business-essential, therefore we recommend following Microsoft’s recommendation.  Microsoft designates some patches “critical”, which means they need to be installed [...]

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Keep Your Computer Systems Healthy: Patch And Be Prepared

As we take a look at office health this month it’s important to remember that viruses are not limited to employees. Patching system vulnerabilities is a low cost solution that can save a business thousands of dollars in damages in the long term. The number of reported vulnerabilities has been on the rise for the [...]

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