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Microsoft Pushes Office 365 with a Price Hike on Offline Editions

Microsoft has doubled down on its attempts to convert users to its cloud based productivity suite with an unprecedented price hike on Office 2019.  The new edition of the popular productivity suite will cost roughly 10% more than it did when Office 2016 was introduced. ComputerWorld confirmed on Monday that Office Home & Business edition [...]

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Unpatched Wix Vulnerability Puts Millions at Risk is a cloud-based website provider with a simple drag-and-drop interface which has made it a popular choice for small businesses and private users.  Unfortunately, a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability has been discovered in the platform that can lead to compromised admin accounts and a host of other problems. The Wix vulnerability was first discovered [...]

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Microsoft wants to move IT to the cloud

Earlier this week, Microsoft delivered the opening keynote address at TechEd, a technology conference focused on IT Professionals and Enterprise developers.  The keynote introduced the idea of “everything as a service”, or cloud computing, as the future of IT.  Microsoft has already introduced a number of cloud-based software platforms but now they plan to bring [...]

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Disruptive Technology: New model, better service, a fraction of the cost; wildly compelling!

The Walrus and the Carpenter Were walking close at hand; They wept like anything to see Such quantities of sand: If this were only cleared away,' They said, it would be grand!'- Lewis Carroll Disruptive Technology:  Part 1 It’s been over 4 years since we ran our last article on disruptive technology.   At that time it [...]

Facebook to Offer Cloud Storage for the Casual User

Earlier today Facebook announced that it would now offer full integration with the personal file storage company Dropbox. Dropbox, which was first introduced in 2008 has slowly grown as a personal storage and cloud share service and will now allow files to be shared within Facebook Groups. For many casual computer users this will be [...]

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