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Penetration Testing: What is it and Why Should You Care?

Penetration tests are one of the best ways to safeguard your business against security breaches and service interruptions. A security penetration test is an effort to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities. These exploits may look for unpatched holes in your operation system, application flaws, improper system configurations [...]

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The Fallacy of Tiered IT Support

Look around the IT marketplace and you will no doubt see a number of providers who claim to offer varying levels of support based on company size.  Almost always, these companies promote their services in such a way that with more endpoint users comes better service and value.  The reality of the matter is that [...]

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Windows 10 Roll-Out Starts Next Week

The Windows 10 release day is less than a week away, but there is nothing typical about this launch.  Because the majority of PC users will receive Windows 10 as a free upgrade, Microsoft has staggered the release of the operating system.  Current opt-in upgrade users will get first access, with everyone else following later [...]

What is Kace JumpStart?

IT Computer Support of New York is one of only three partners in the United States certified in the Kace JumpStart program. But that begs the question, what is JumpStart and how can it benefit your business? First, consider the Kace Managed Service platform.  Kace Managed Services provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable endpoint management [...]

SMBs Targeted in World-Wide Cyber Spying Campaign

As yet another reminder that even small businesses can be the target of cybercrime is the latest attack discovered by researchers at Kaspersky.  The business-orientated spyware campaign, called Grabit, was discovered Thursday and has already stolen over 10,000 files from SMBs located in the United States, India and Thailand. The Grabit spyware campaign has been [...]

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Next Generation Firewalls: Do You Care About Network Security?

Next Generation Firewalls protect your business through intelligent application awareness and thorough port inspection to ensure that only authorized content reaches your internal network.  Protect your business against viruses, spam, spyware, intrusions and other threats that can enter the corporate network hidden in web traffic with a Next Generation Firewall solution. – Richard Keene IT [...]

April 2015 Patch Tuesday Closes Major Security Holes

The April Patch Tuesday event happened this week, and with it, Microsoft released a number of important security fixes for users of Windows and MS Office.  As part of the April release, Microsoft has released 11 security bulletins, four of which are rated as critical fixes for remote code execution flaws. The most important patch [...]

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Remove Admin Rights to Protect Against Microsoft Vulnerabilities

Microsoft releases new security updates every month, but a new report from UK security firm Avecto suggests that the majority of system threats could be prevented, or at least lessened, by the removal of employee admin rights. The security firm analyzed each security bulletin published by Microsoft in 2014 and found that 80% of the [...]

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Business IT Eyes and Hands

IT Computer Support of New York offers extensive services that enable you to have qualified and knowledgeable remote eyes and hands at your sites in New York, regardless of where your business headquarters is located. Currently, businesses throughout the United States, Canada, the U.K. Europe, Australia and Asia use our local New York City based [...]

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Microsoft Self-Audit Notices Sent to Thousands of Small Businesses

Over the last six months, Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Division has enlarged its software audit selection from large businesses with 200 or more users to businesses in the 25-250 employee range.  As a result of this change, thousands of small and medium businesses have received letters, emails and phone calls regarding an upcoming audit.  If your [...]

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