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Microsoft Pushes Office 365 with a Price Hike on Offline Editions

Microsoft has doubled down on its attempts to convert users to its cloud based productivity suite with an unprecedented price hike on Office 2019.  The new edition of the popular productivity suite will cost roughly 10% more than it did when Office 2016 was introduced. ComputerWorld confirmed on Monday that Office Home & Business edition [...]

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Dell EMC Protection Suite Vulnerabilities Discovered

Researchers have discovered three vulnerabilities in the Dell EMC Data Protection family of products.  These vulnerabilities could be used by attackers to bypass security and gain complete control of a system. Dell EMC's Avamar Server, NetWorker Virtual Edition, and the Integrated Data Protection Appliance all contain a standard component – the Avamar Installation Manager which [...]

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WannaCry Ransomware Could Have Been Prevented

Earlier this year, the National Health Service (NHS) was hit in a wide scale attack from the WannaCry ransomware.  A recent report from the National Audit Office (NAO) shows that while devastating, this attack could have been prevented through security best practices. The WannaCry outbreak occurred back in May when over 19,000 medical appointments were [...]

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Password Security is about to Change for the Better

It’s no secret that most computer users have password fatigue; many people are forced to remember numerous passwords, each with their own set of requirements and often with mandated refresh cycles.  The result is that security is actually made weaker as users stumble to create easy to remember passwords or simply write down their passwords [...]

IT Computer Computer Support of New York Gains Membership in the MSPAlliance

IT Computer Support of New York has joined the MSPAlliance, a global organization of cloud, managed service providers and dedicated vendors. MSPAlliance Members are eligible for MSP and Cloud Certifications including, SSAE16 Audits and ultimately achieve certification through the MSPAlliance MSP/Cloud Verify System™.  The MSPAlliance works to further the advancement of Cloud Computing around the [...]

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Cheap Tech Support is More Expensive than You Can Afford

Some of the businesses we speak with tell us that they chose to go with budget IT providers that have the cheapest hourly rates because they want to be budget conscious.  Budget IT providers offer incredible rates like, “$39 a month” to handle all tech support emergencies.  Those prices are hard to beat; that is, [...]

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Penetration Testing: An Ongoing Commitment to Security

In our previous articles, we have shown examples of typical threats and taken you through the process of choosing a penetration test vendor.  This week we will guide you through the long-term goals of penetration tests and explain some of the repercussions of not maintaining your penetration test procedures and regulatory compliance. Often in discussions [...]

Penetration Testing: Threat Assessment

Data breaches occur every day and most never get reported.  Automated attack programs are constantly on the lookout for weaknesses in network security systems and inherent vulnerabilities in software. Over the course of a single day we recorded and compiled attempted attacks made against a Next Generation Firewall.  When an attempted attack takes place, the [...]

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Penetration Testing: How to Choose the Right Vendor

In last week’s article, we covered the basics of what a penetration test is and why they should make them part of your regular security regiment.  This week we will to cover things to look out for when choosing your penetration test vendor.   Not all penetration test vendors are created equal; many service providers [...]