Google Chrome Browser Hit by Support Scam

Google Chrome is the current target of a malvertising campaign that aims to trick users into calling a fake tech support line.  Tech support scams have become a popular tactic for malware distributers because they prey on a user’s ignorance and fear instead of relying on the overt extortion tactics used by ransomware. The Google [...]

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Firefox to Introduce Browsing Based Targeted Advertising

For the longest time, Firefox was the browser of choice for many security and privacy conscious users.  Unfortunately, that might soon change with the introduction of a new advertising program that will use your internet browsing history to deliver targeted advertisements. The new advertising “feature” is called Suggested Tiles and tailors content based on a [...]

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The Web Browser Tax

Security professionals and web developers alike have encouraged users to keep their web browsers updated but one online retailer has taken that a step further.  Kogan, an electronics retailer based out of Australia has imposed the first tax on customers who use an outdated browser like Internet Explorer 7 for their purchases on its site. [...]

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Google Chrome Browser Finally Cracked

Google’s Chrome internet browser has remained the high water mark for web browser security for four years but that legacy has finally been broken.  Chrome, which entered the browser marketplace back in 2008 quickly gained a name for itself for being the fastest web browser as well as functionally hacker proof.  Google has taken part [...]

Google Gunning for Firefox

When Google released the beta version of Google Chrome earlier this year it was received with a mixed reception. The browser that had been announced as faster and more secure then either Firefox or Internet Explorer proved instead to be little more than a cosmetic alternative. Now however, Google is ramping up its Chrome promotion [...]

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Critical Security Flaw Found in IE7

Microsoft announced Tuesday that a critical vulnerability has been found in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. The flaw in the browser can allow cybercriminals to gain access to your computer and steal your passwords. Security experts are advising users to switch to an alternate internet browser until an emergency patch can be issued. It is highly [...]

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Internet Explorer 8 Delayed

On Wednesday Microsoft announced that the previously expected end of year release of Internet Explorer 8 would be pushed back into 2009. IE8, which entered public beta in March has undergone scrutiny for compatibility issues but was still expected to be ready for a winter 2008 release. The news that this will no longer happen [...]

Google Chrome

Chrome Beta 3 arrived recently to the fanfare of Google aficionados but few others. What is Chrome you might ask? Well for the uninitiated its Google’s news web foray; a proprietary internet browser that they had hoped would surpass IE and Firefox in user base. The promise behind Chrome stems primarily from its pedigree. The [...]

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