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Sony reveals new one terabyte optical Archival Disk

Today, in cooperation with Panasonic, the Sony Corporation unveiled a new large format optical disk with a storage capacity of up to one terabyte of long term data storage.  Sony describes Archival Disc as next generation professional grade data storage. The jump from DVD to Blu-ray was sizeable, but outside of the entertainment industry, did [...]

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How Long Does Your Hard Drive Last?

Hard drives are the backbone of every computer and are fundamentally important to businesses and home users alike.  That being said, there has never been an in-depth study on how long the average computer hard drive works and is able to retain data.  Backblaze, an online backup company intends to shed some light on the [...]

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Top 10 Patching and Backup Tips for a Secure Office

Office network security should be among the top priorities for all office managers.  Over the last three years there has been a steady increase in the amount reported cases of data loss caused by system breaches and negligence.  As the information technology costs of business increase its important to be aware of potential problem areas [...]

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Achieve Data Protection Through Virtualization

The greatest IT concerns for small and medium businesses (SMb) in the New Year will be security and data backup and protection.   Over 50% of the average SMb IT departments' time is spent with menial backup and routine administrative tasks.  Through the utilization of a virtualization solution your business can reduce the time it takes [...]

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Backing up

People have been told for years the importance of backing up the information and critical data from their computer systems. In my experience of working with different businesses and common people most lack even the most basic backup system. Most people make the assumption that if nothing has happened yet then nothing ever will; this [...]

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