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Fake Windows Troubleshooting Scam

Windows users have come into contact with a new tech support scam that fakes a Bluescreen of Death (BSOD) in order to trick them into buying fake support software.  The scam, which first started to make rounds in late November, takes on the form of a fake troubleshooter program and also prevents normal system operation. [...]

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Mobile Security Risks for November

November is off to a rough start for Android phone security as two virulent strains of malware have been making the rounds.  Between a triple-threat data theft attack and a banking Trojan discovered on the Google Play store itself, these are the threats to look out for this month. Malware on Android is nothing new [...]

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WannaCry Ransomware Could Have Been Prevented

Earlier this year, the National Health Service (NHS) was hit in a wide scale attack from the WannaCry ransomware.  A recent report from the National Audit Office (NAO) shows that while devastating, this attack could have been prevented through security best practices. The WannaCry outbreak occurred back in May when over 19,000 medical appointments were [...]

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DoubleLocker ransomware hits Android phones

A new form of ransomware that targets Android phones has been discovered in the wild.  Named DoubleLocker by researchers at ESET, this new variant of ransomware has the ability to encrypt a user’s data and change their PIN, making the phone nearly unrecoverable. Like many forms of malware on PC, DoubleLocker relies on phishing scams [...]

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Equifax Support Team has been Sending Victims to a Fake Website for Weeks

The Equifax data breach, which occurred earlier this month, has been one of the worst security incidents in years.  143 million people have had their information compromised by the data breach, many of whom have never used the Equifax service themselves.  In response to the attack, Equifax setup a website to allow users to check [...]

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Digital Assistants Proven Vulnerable to Silent Commands

Voice activated digital assistants have started to work their ways into most consumer electronic devices such as phones, iPads and even full operating systems, like Windows 10.  Digital assistants provide great time saving measures as commands can be spoken instead typed out manually on awkward touchscreens or tiny keyboards.  Unfortunately, researchers have discovered that a [...]

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Tech Support Scam Victims to Receive Refund from FTC

Victims of past phone tech support scams are about to receive a refund from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  Telemarketing tech support scams that originated back in 2014 raked in over $120m from victims across the United States.  The FTC announced Monday that victims of the incident would soon be receiving an email with instructions [...]

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Locky Ransomware Returns with the Devil

One of the most successful ransomware families, Locky, has returned from the dead with two new variants, ‘Lukitus’ and ‘Diablo’.  The Locky family of ransomware is a type of computer malware that spreads primarily though the distribution of email attachments.  Locky is unique in ransomware in that, since its first appearance in 2016, it has [...]

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Microsoft Patch Addresses 48 Separate Vulnerabilities

Earlier this week, Microsoft released a major update for Windows that includes fixes to 48 separate vulnerabilities.  Microsoft releases security updates every month but this week’s update includes two fixes to issues rated with the highest security rating.  Updates rated at the “critical” level are flaws that could be exploited by malware if left unsecured. [...]

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Verizon Data Leak Affects at least 6 Million Customers

On Wednesday, news first broke about the potential data leak of between 6-16 million Verizon customers.  The data leak was caused by a misconfigured privacy setting on a cloud storage server.  Verizon has now acknowledged that the user data was vulnerable but has since been secured. The security incident was discovered by cybersecurity firm UpGuard, [...]

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