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Second Google+ Security Vulnerability in Three Months Hastens Shutdown

Google+ has encountered its second security vulnerability since October.  The most recent issue may have leaked up 52.5 million account credentials, including information that was set to private within the platform. The social media platform has been underutilized for years and in the light of ongoing security concerns, Google has announced that it will shut [...]

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Facebook Uses Your Private Mobile Number for Ad Targeting

Facebook has got itself into hot water again, this time in response to concerns over handing user phone numbers over to advertisers. On Thursday, Facebook confirmed that phone numbers used to verify two-factor authentication become targetable by advertisers within weeks of use. As a free platform, Facebook earns most of its money through advertising. Any [...]

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Old Misfortune Cookie Vulnerability Reappears on Medical Devices

Four years ago, the Misfortune Cookie vulnerability posed a threat to residential SOHO routers and was present in over 200 models from different manufacturers.  The vulnerability allowed hackers to remotely access the routers and hijack the devices.  The old vulnerability has reared its head again but this time the vulnerability is present in medical device [...]

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(Bluehost) Email Scam Aimed at Website Owners

One of the latest email scams to come our way is quite convincing and aimed squarely at website owners and managers.  This particular email landed in my inbox earlier this week and is worded in such a way that it could be a legitimate correspondence. The email in question warns that outbound email services have [...]

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VPNFilter Infects Over 500,000 Routers Worldwide

Last week the Justice Department issued a statement that owners of SOHO and NAS routers may be infected and should reboot their devices as soon as possible.  The warning was issued in an effort to disrupt a massive malware botnet and increase the chances of identifying and remediating the world wide infection. The infectious malware [...]

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SynAck Doppelgänging Slips Past Antivirus Programs

First reported in 2017, the SynAck malware was nothing particularly special.  Like most ransomware based malware, SynAck employed file encryption and blackmail to extort victims of money through Bitcoin.  All of that has changed, however, as a new SynAck variant has been reported that uses a technique known as Doppelgänging to bypass security programs. [...]

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Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware is the New Ransomware

Throughout 2017 it seemed like barely a week went by that a new ransomware scare didn’t hit the news.  Because of the overall public awareness, ransomware has slowly started to fall out of popularity with scammers and new types of malware have started to appear.   The newest trend embraces cryptocurrency mining and is proving to [...]

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Google Chrome Browser Hit by Support Scam

Google Chrome is the current target of a malvertising campaign that aims to trick users into calling a fake tech support line.  Tech support scams have become a popular tactic for malware distributers because they prey on a user’s ignorance and fear instead of relying on the overt extortion tactics used by ransomware. The Google [...]

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Security in a Driverless Future

The security and safety risks of driverless cars have quickly become a hot topic issue for both regulators and consumer advocates.  Many oppose the very notion of driverless cars due to the potential for catastrophic failure, while others advocate that they are safer than human drivers.  In either case, self-driving cars are on the way [...]

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Dell EMC Protection Suite Vulnerabilities Discovered

Researchers have discovered three vulnerabilities in the Dell EMC Data Protection family of products.  These vulnerabilities could be used by attackers to bypass security and gain complete control of a system. Dell EMC's Avamar Server, NetWorker Virtual Edition, and the Integrated Data Protection Appliance all contain a standard component – the Avamar Installation Manager which [...]

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